Markets plunge: contact the fund manager

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Dear Fund Director,

The markets are plunging. It is the 4th business day in a row they are in panic. Losses in the main equity indexes are relevant. Most probably the funds with equity exposure, no matter which region, may be suffering. Probably now is a good time to know what the fund managers think about the short a mid-term markets evolution and which actions they are going to carry out. These questions are useful to gather different market views, to let know the fund managers that you are following their funds and to protect yourself in case things go extremely worse.

Remind that your role as a fund director is to monitor all areas of activity for the funds under your mandate. Moreover, to ensure that your controls are traceable can be extremely useful in case of the regulator or auditors ask you for evidence of this control.

In the meantime, find an El-Erian’s article which can give you some good arguments for your coming conversations.


Yours faithfully,

The Indeep Fund Director