Which are the start-up/set-up costs in our funds?

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Dear Fund Director,

A review of the start-up costs held by the funds could be noteworthy. Find below some question you might pose to your executive team:

– Has the Management Company a clear procedure of which costs are permitted to be included in this account?

– Are there any limit by amount or percentage?

– Are there any regulatory or internal limit of years to spread these costs?

– Did the auditor make any comment to this regard during their last visits?

– Within your organization, who are the persons or committees in charge of approving the start-up / set-up costs?

– How many of our funds are still accruing this account?

Yours faithfully,

The Indeep Fund Director


Generous Cardhu

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Cardhu offers a short but valuable coaching lesson on leadership and the power of generous giving. I found it by chance and enjoy watching it from time to time.
I like also the fact that is in line with the concept that Cardhu is promoting. One of those few ads that contributes instead of only taking time.

Communting benefits

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In my case, commuting is the process through which I take off my professional skin and become the town boy I am.
This blog will combine this duality because, in the end, I do enjoy both modes.