10 tips for efficient meetings

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Dear Fund Director,

How many times did you have the feeling that a meeting was going to nowhere?

Find below 10 easy tips to improve your meetings:

1 – Define a clear goal before the meeting. What is the matter you want to solve?

2 – Have an agenda and share it previously with all attendants.

3 –  Ask all attendants if they want to include additional points to the agenda.

4 – Try to avoid to debate about matters with no direct relation to the meeting’s goal.

5 – Manage time. Establish a clear starting and ending time.

6 – Investigate about the main topic before the meeting, so you may add value and not be an obstacle.

7 – In case you invite someone to speak about one topic, doesn’t mean this person has to have an opinion in all topic of the meeting.

8 – Allow all attendants to participate in the meeting. All opinions may count.

9 – Appoint someone as a responsible for applying the resolutions made in the meeting. Use clear deadlines.

10 – Write a report of the meeting, share it with the attendants and put in place the necessary mechanisms to follow up the decisions made.

I found this list in this site (in Spanish). However, there are thousands of websites giving good advices.

Making the right steps to have better meetings will allow us not only to improve our activity but also to feel much better.

I hope this helps.

Your faithfully,

The Indeep Fund Director.


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